How to go from a CNA to a RN

The goal of most certified nursing assistants is to eventually become a registered nurse (or go from a CNA to a RN), which pays a lot more money. Becoming a registered nurse is the end goal and is a step by step process, which involves going to school and getting a degree, as well as working in the field. In the end, while there are steps that must be taken and certifications that must be acquired to go from a CNA to an RN, the end result is really a degree and passing the examinations.

Every aspiring registered nurse needs to obtain a four year degree and should have quite a bit of work experience. The great thing is, most people that are on this path end up getting work experience while they are actually going through college, which gives them a great advantage. After a person has gotten their degree from an accredited institution, they must do a few things. First and foremost, they must pass a background check in the state that they would like to be working in as a registered nurse.

They also have to pass the national licensing exam, which really is the final step in the overall process of going from a certified nursing assistant to an actual registered nurse. If you really want to become a registered nurse, it is highly advisable to take the National licensing examination right after completing college and getting your degree. The reason for this is the fact that some people wait a while and end up forgetting certain things, so it is imperative to take the exam when you have everything fresh in your mind. The added benefit of this being that you likely have been studying a huge amount for the end of the year to get your degree, so if you are wanting to become a registered nurse, you really should do this right after you graduate from a college program.

Those unsure about whether or not they want to become a nurse, should consider becoming a CNA first. This requires a lot less training and also gives you the experience of working side by side other nurses. For those individuals looking to become a CNA, they can start CNA classes online today. This is a fast and relatively low cost way to get your foot in the door in the medical field or hospitals.

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