CNAs in the Hospitals

Everyone knows what a registered nurse does and has likely been treated by many of them throughout their lives. They take care of a massive amount of tasks that are needed at a hospital each and every day. There are also a lot of certified nursing assistants, who help the various nurses by assisting them in daily tasks. There is a hierarchy in a hospital when it comes to nurses of all levels, and certified nursing assistants are essentially at the bottom of the totem pole. However, the great thing is, CNA’s still make quite a bit of money and it is a great career to have.

You can kind of think of the work that a certified nursing assistant does as the tasks that they are not qualified to do yet. A registered nurse may go around and see a lot more patients than the certified nursing assistants, as they possess a higher skill set and are needed for more complicated things. They may send a CNA over to do simple tasks that still are needed to be done with each patient. A CNA will do things that are not really going to be in any type of way life threatening to a patient, or have any major ramifications. For instance, they may wrap up an injury with a bandage, take a blood or urine sample, help get a patient things such as blankets and generally keep them comfortable while they are in the hospital.

Certified nursing assistants are basically there to help out with just about anything that the Registered nurses need, which is why they are so great to have around. A registered nurse can go from patient to patient and deal with more complicated matters, while they can count on the fact that they have certified nursing assistants to take over the smaller tasks that require an overall lower base of knowledge.

The training required for someone to become a CNA is not very strenuous compared to nurse training. In fact, a person interested in becoming a CNA can do so completely online. People often search fro “can you take CNA classes online” and they answer is absolutely! There are many great online programs, and this is one of the fasted ways to obtain a career in the medical field.